Sunday, September 05, 2010

Deutschland schafft sich ab

When Thilo Sarrazin published a book pointing out that Germany is driving itself into extinction or oblivion the Left's response is: tell somebody who cares: Am deutschen Verwesen soll die Welt genesen.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Fort he last 50 years the Left has told lies and anyone challenging them is a heretic. The earth is flat and if you challenge this you will be persecuted.

But people are slowly awaking for the mental enslavement. They now something is not right but they don't know how to thing - running around like ants that had their nest disturbed.

There are 50 lies in the last 50 years but here are two:

1) We need immigration to save us from the problem of an ageing population.

2) Immigration solved the world injustices.

The family hostile policies of the Left lead to the ageing population problem. And now that the problem conveniently exists the Left uses it to push their other Lies.

Immigration, far from solving injustices, exasperates them.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Islam is an ideology of hatred that has the killing and subjugation of Christians and Jews as written doctrine.

Islam is not a religion but a political ideology with supremacist aspirations like National Socialism.

Immigration of Muslims to Europe should be stopped. Islam should not be accommodated as a religion in Europe in any way.

I do believe that people have a right to believe whatever they want to but they do not have the right to practice whatever they want to. Islam should be tolerated as a personal belief-system but denounced as the ideology of hatred that it is.

Islamic organisations should be banned and the funding of Islamic organisation made illegal. In short whatever applies to neo-Nazi organisations should apply to Islamic organisations.

Geert Wilders: International Freedom Alliance

Geert Wilders is developing a third way leaving behind the Left-Right political dichotomy that is dragging us into the abyss.
I see Wilders' political thought very closely aligned with that of mine, and so I hope a gets the International Freedom Alliance off the ground as soon as possible.

Failed Integration in Germany

Our politicians have sacrificed the future of our children and children's children on the altar of the left-wing utopia that is multiculturalism.

I totally agree with Sarrazin that integration of Islamic immigrants has failed and will continue to fail. Unfortunately Sarrazin derailed the debate with his comments on genetics. There is no need to bring in the influence of genes - if there is an influence it is massively swamped by cultural influences followed by socio-economic influences. As such a debate around genes is counter-productive. I suspect Sarrazin regrets ever having made those comments. The Left will hound him forever more for them and use them to discredit his important comments on failed integration and multiculturalism in Germany.