Friday, May 13, 2011

The cancer of Socialism and the infection of Islam

To defeat the infection of islam you have to defeat the cancer that has allowed it to gain a foothold and prosper. The cancer is Socialism - euphemistically eluded to by Wilders and others as Multi-culturalism and Political Correctness and Hate-Speech Laws.
Islamo-socialism needs to be confronted, and then the internal contradictions and the blunting of the "sword" will arrest Islamization and cause it to recede to the paradises of Islam like Saudi-Arabia, and Somalia.
Even without the infection of Islam, Europe is not coming to grips with the cancer of Socialism. Keynesianism, 'Das Kapital' in sheep's clothing, is bringing inefficient, post-industrial, debt-addicted European economies to their knees, one by one. The response of the welfare conditioned populace is to strike, and to blame the foreign bankers for not recognizing the country's lack of sovereign self control.
To defeat islam we have to do more than ban the burka and the niqaab, and Geert Wilders knows and understands this. Here are some specific things the West can and, really, must do:
1) stop the nanny state mentality
2) stop the infringement of personal freedoms in the name of security
3) repeal hate-speech laws
4) challenge propaganda of self-hatred and cultural relativism taught to our kids
5) stop the reliance on oil from the Middle East
6) stop expanding welfare state by the long term debt - effectively robbing our grand-children
7) tear up the sham that is the Refugee Convention
8) leave the UN to the champions of human rights like Iran, Syria and Libya.
9) put tariffs on Chinese imports to compensate for the drastically undervalued Yuan (RMB)
10) let go of the dream of democratisation of islamic states and disengage militarily