Friday, November 19, 2010

Critical of populist piece in American Thinker blog

I am a regular reader of the conservative blog, American Thinker (AT). But yesterday I read a contribution on the increased security for air travel that concerned me.
The piece criticise security measures as "un-American" but offered no "American" solutions that would address the security problem.

The TSA restricts. It dehumanizes. It depresses. It invades. It costs. It fails in its stated mission as it creates jobs for the unemployable. It is government on display for all to see. It is what our health care will become if we keep silent.

It's un-American. And it's not America. Not yet. But if we cannot defeat ObamaCare and the TSA's "grope and change," we won't recognize America in the near future. This is why it is such a defining and critical issue.

I think that this kind of populist criticism is lazy and opportunistic and is better categorized as propaganda.

Why Air Security is the Issue

Interestingly AT block my comment pointing this out. So much for standing for freedom of speech.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Multi-Culturalism leading to Parallel Societies

The real issue is that the integration process is actually slowed as the level of un-integrated immigrant increases.
The inflow has to be matched by the outflow (the integration capacity) to have a sustainable immigration policy.

The West in its ideologically enforced multiculturalism phase has had and is having unsustainable immigration levels well exceeding any host societies capacity to integrate. To make matter worst there is one more effect and the left-wing fascist greenies love using the notion: the tipping point. The capacity to integration not only slows as the pool of un-integrated immigrants and their descendants increases, but it also reaches a tipping point where long terms parallel societies are formed out of these ghettos that out friend above romanticises about. It is this development of parallel societies open to political guidance for foreign colonial powers (eg Erdogan or Turkish diplomats in Vienna) that we are seeing today.

In the left-wing world...

In the left-wing world there is no racism against white peoples - or western people - especially Christians ones.
It just is impossible and does not compute. These peoples are the only ones that have and can carry collective guilt and they must be culturally and racially diluted to better the world - a normal, non-indoctrinated person, and we are all in part infected, would say that such a view is racists, but in the left-wing world you must be a bigot for thinking this- and further steps of 'declassification' must be sought against you.

In the left-wing world Islam is free of this guilt and sin. Any acts of Islamic terrorism are acts of pure virtuous self defence.
No act of Islamic terrorism can ever match the guilt that western people have. Indeed Western people have brought it onto themselves when they are targets of such terrorism.

In the left-wing world, left-wing terrorism and left-wing fascistic regimes (read socialist/communist regimes) are free of guilt for the same reason.

PC and MC are fascistic mechanism of an ideology,of an ism; sense, logic, reason does not come into it. You are either with the reigning political ideology or you are THE ENEMY - now where have your heard that language used recently (hint: American politics).

"If Latinos sit out the election instead of saying, ‘We're gonna punish our enemies and we're gonna reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us,' if they don't see that kind of upsurge in voting in this election, then I think it's gonna be harder and that's why I think it's so important that people focus on voting on November 2."

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Necla Keleks: Aus Muslimen müssen freie Bürger werden

Necla Kelek, sociologist and feminist of Turkish descend, received the Freedom Prize of the Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung.

At the award night she gave a speech addressing the issue of how Muslims have responsibility, that goes hand in hand with the rights as equal citizens, to defend the freedom.

The Jury gave the following reason for awarding the Prize to Keleke:

Necla Kelek has engaged in the integration debate (in Germany) with strong personal commitment to openness, balance and honesty that is not without personal risks. Her commitment reflects a clear and principled stand in the defence of the value of freedom. (

Her speech is in part reproduced in FAZ.
09. November 2010

NOTE: if there is a request via comments, I will translate this article.

Die Liebe“, sagte ein inzwischen vergessener Dichter des Vormärz, „ist das Höchste im Leben, aber höher als das Leben steht die Freiheit.“ Lassen Sie uns also über Freiheit sprechen, denn ich habe den Eindruck, dass wir diesen Begriff von der Beliebigkeit und der populistischen Vereinnahmung befreien müssen. Lassen Sie mich zuerst etwas über die Freiheit der Frauen sagen.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

What Ludwig von Mises has to say about Quantitative Easing

The only significant thing for us, however, since it explains the
political role of the inflationist procedure, is yet another insight.
We have seen that if a government is not in a position to negotiate
loans and does not dare levy additional taxation for fear that the
financial and general economic effects will be revealed too clearly
too soon, so that it will lose support for its program, it always considers
it necessary to undertake inflationary measures. Thus
inflation becomes one of the most important psychological aids to
an economic policy which tries to camouflage its effects. In this
sense, it may be described as a tool of antidemocratic policy. By
deceiving public opinion, it permits a system of government to
continue which would have no hope of receiving the approval of
the people if conditions were frankly explained to them.


Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Left-wing facism alive and well in Australia

I have always argued that Australia is really an apartheid county where there are two laws depending if you are indigenous or non-indigenous.

The problem with this left-wing racism is that: when are you indigenous enough?
A question the NAZIs would feel comfortable posing but so are le left-wing fascists of Australia.

Here is a practical example:

Perfect applicant not indigenous enough for job

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Remembering: Banning of docudrama "Path to 9/11"

The docudrama is a well research docudrama of the events and decisions leading up to the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the twin towers of World Trade centre.

The movie is a must see the problems is that ABC/Disney is banning it from being released on DVD. They claim commercial reasons but it is clear that it is a result of political pressure from the left-wing fascists lead by the Clinton establishment.

Saving “The Path to 9/11″ Miniseries That Was Silenced By Political Intimidation

WALL STREET JOURNAL op-ed – Cyrus Nowrasteh
THE PATH TO 9/11 – Cyrus Nowrasteh blog:

Two years later, documentarian John Ziegler made a film entitled BLOCKING THE PATH TO 9/11. In this program Mr. Ziegler examines the scenes that Mr. Clinton and his allies objected to in the miniseries, and interviewed prominent experts about the veracity of the program. Among the guests were Michael Scheuer, head of the CIA’s counter-terrorist center in the ’90s, Governor Thomas Kean, head of the 9/11 Commission, and Steven Emerson, head of the Investigative Project on Terrorism. These experts and others testify in BLOCKING THE PATH TO 9/11 that Mr. Nowrasteh’s miniseries got it right. Despite this vindication, the public still can not see THE PATH TO 9/11.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wilders trial collapses, set to restart with new judges after bias claim

Wilders trial collapses, set to restart with new judges after bias claim
The trial of MP Geert Wilders on charges of inciting hatred and discrimination must be heard again, a special committee of Amsterdam district court ruled on Friday afternoon.

After a day of bizarre twists, Wilders' lawyer Bram Moszkowicz again asked for the judges to be dismissed because they refused to rule on whether a key witness should be recalled.

According to De Pers newspaper, defence witnesses Hans Jansen may have been pressured by another court official at a dinner party.

There is something deeply and disturbingly rotten with the Dutch legal system.

Their baying for Wilder's blood has clouded their judgement. This wasn't an innocent mistake by Tom Schalken, but it belies an unbridled arrogance of believing to be above the law, that the law is a valid instrument of personal ideological ambition.

It should by now be clear to everyone excepting those party to the ideological vigilant mission, that Wilder's can not get a fair trail in the Netherlands and if the Dutch people don't demand that an end be put to this show- process-at-all-costs, then they will be the losers and the lesser for it.
No to a re-trial, dismiss all charges.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

When Ideology Displaces Reason

a review by David Martin Jones in October's Quadrant of Melanie Phillips’s new book (The World Turned Upside Down) - my copy will arrive in a week.

excerpt from review
Phillips came to prominence with her exposure of how radical Islamism had permeated the United Kingdom and transformed “Londonistan” into the epicentre of Islamic militancy in Europe. She now turns her attention to the larger question of whether Western civilisation actually wants to defend reason and modernity any more or “whether it has reached a point where it has stopped trying to survive”.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Speech of German President Christian Wullf in Ankara

19.10.2010 full text of speech
...Gleichzeitig erwarten wir, dass Christen in islamischen Ländern das gleiche Recht haben, ihren Glauben öffentlich zu leben, theologischen Nachwuchs auszubilden und Kirchen zu bauen. In allen Ländern müssen Menschen die gleichen Rechte und Chancen genießen, unabhängig von ihrer Religion.

Hier in der Türkei hat auch das Christentum eine lange Tradition. Das Christentum gehört zweifelsfrei zur Türkei. Ich freue mich, an diesem Donnerstag in Tarsus einen ökumenischen Gottesdienst mitfeiern zu können. Ich höre mit großer Begeisterung, dass in der Türkei Stimmen zu hören sind, die mehr Kirchen für Gottesdienste öffnen wollen. Zu dieser Entwicklung möchte ich Sie nachhaltig ermutigen: Die Religionsfreiheit ist Teil unseres Verständnisses von Europa als Wertegemeinschaft. Wir müssen religiösen Minderheiten die freie Ausübung ihres Glaubens ermöglichen. Das ist nicht unumstritten, aber es ist notwendig. Das friedliche Miteinander der verschiedenen Religionen ist eine der großen Zukunftsaufgaben dieser Welt im 21. Jahrhundert. Sie ist bei gutem Willen und Respekt vor der Würde eines jeden Menschen lösbar.

My translation:

At the same time we expect that Christians living in Islamic countries have the same rights, to practice their faith, to train future generations of priests, and to build churches. Citizens of all countries should have equal rights and opportunities, irrespective of their religion.

Also here in Turkey Christianity has had a long tradition. There can be no doubt that Christianity is part of Turkey. I am very pleased to be able to participate in the celebration of mass this Thursday at Tarsus. I observe with great enthusiasm, that there are voices in Turkey that are calling for the opening of more churches for mass in this country. I want to encourage Turkey in such developments: freedom of religion is an integral part of the common values of Europe. We have to enable religious minorities to freely practice their faith. This is sometime debated but it is necessary. The peaceful coexistence of the different religions is one of the great challenges posed to us, the global community, in the 21st century. It is a challenge that can be met if the basis is good will and respect for human dignity.

The extremes of moderate Islam

by Janet Albrechtsen, The Australian, October 20, 2010

The last paragraph of the article.
"...In a BBC interview last month to coincide with the publication of his memoirs, former British prime minister Tony Blair described radical Islam as the greatest threat facing the world. He's correct. But a Western leader pointing the finger at radical Islam is the easy part. The harder task is for leaders and the rest of us: to request help in the form of far more moderation from those who describe themselves as moderate Muslims. Unless that happens, the clash of civilisations between Islam and the West will end very badly indeed."

Janet Albrechtsen raises important questions too often ignored.

The Western modern concept of religion is far too narrow to understand the socio-political dimensions of Islam. We see religion as a personal relationship with God (or more generally a meta-physical dimension). Islam, however, through the direct word from that other dimension dictates not only how Muslims should believe but how Muslims should compel others to believe, and there is nothing introspective about those teachings. To be tolerant in the sense of equality of ideas is not to have compelled and so to have failed, blasphemed, Islam as it is written.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Wilders inspires Merkel to ditch softly-softly integration

A short article from Radio Netherlands Worldwide.

“The multicultural approach has failed. Totally failed!” German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s words attracted global attention. It was a surprising statement from a chancellor who only recently warned against a Dutch government being reliant on parliamentary support from Geert Wilders’ anti-Islam Freedom Party.

It would be a mistake, however, to think Ms Merkel has been won over by Mr Wilders’ arguments. The same speech that denounced the softly-softly integration approach, described Islam as “part of Germany”. But one thing is perfectly clear: the naïve idea that ‘we all live together and we’re all fine with it’ just doesn’t tally with the reality in Germany.

“We brought foreign workers to our country in the 1960s. They live here now, and we've been fooling ourselves. We thought they would go away again, but that didn’t happen. Of course the multicultural approach 'we live next to each other and we like it' has failed. Totally failed.”

The figures demonstrate that Germany is a multicultural society. Out of a population of about 82 million, 6.6 million people hold foreign passports. Germany’s largest non-Western minority is its 1.6 million-strong Turkish community. The German capital Berlin has the highest Turkish population of any city outside Turkey itself. The number of Muslims living in Germany is estimated to be something in excess of 3 million.

Robert R. Reilly: The Closing of the Muslim Mind

A very thought provoking interview by Frontpage of Robert R. Reilly, a senior fellow at the American Foreign Policy Council, on his new book "The Closing of the Muslim Mind"

from Frontpage

here is a short excerpt from the interview:

To protect their notion of God’s omnipotence, the Ash‘arites denied cause and effect in the natural world. For God to be omnipotent, nothing else can be so much as potent. Therefore, fire does not burn cotton; God does. Gravity does not make the rock fall; God does. God is the direct cause of everything and there are no secondary causes. To say otherwise is blasphemy – comparing something to the incomparable God. Everything therefore becomes the equivalent of a miracle. By their very nature, miracles cannot be understood. Without causality in the natural order, anything can come of anything, and nothing necessarily follows. The world becomes incomprehensible because it is without a continuing narrative of cause and effect.

slow-burning genocide

What Geert Wilders and Thilo Sarrazin have pointed out is that Islamisation of their respective countries is slow-burning genocide
- a process that is aided and abetted by Cultural Marxism (a term I borrow from Melanie Phillips).

Islam and the West

by Conrad Black in National Review Online, October 14, 2010.

It is certainly time that the West considered systematically whether it has irreconcilable differences with Islam. The belligerence of many Islamic spokesmen and the unassimilable quality of many Muslim immigrants in the West, as well as the spectacular terrorist provocations of extreme Islamic groups, make this a very legitimate question. But it is not so easy to answer. Some passages of the Koran, and some of Muhammad’s more purposeful remarks, certainly incite the inference that mortal conflict is inevitable, an impression heightened by the neurotic obsession of a great many Muslims with the red herring of Israel. It is hard for Westerners to know what to make of Islam. It speaks through an infinite number of clerical and secular leaders, and in a range of vocabularies from fraternal to genocidally hostile.
The less house-trained Islamists who now frolic in and degrade the United Nations and some of its agencies and commissions should be sent packing. Militant Islam should be recognized as an antagonist, and moderate Muslims should be courted, much more systematically than they have been; Indonesia should be treated as a major power in the world, despite having a (very talented) president who rejoices in the name of Bambang. The debate should not be between ourselves about how to deal with Muslims, it should be between Muslims about the unwisdom of provoking us all.

Good article but for the reference the that mythical beast the "moderate Muslim" - always appealed to but never defined - is it like a cook feeding the marching Napoleonic army - a moderate Frenchman? Or is it the Muslim who believes in the Donald Duck version of the Koran.

"If you tear the hateful passages out of the Koran, you would get Donald Duck.", Testimony by Wafa Sultan at the Trial of Geert Wilders

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Some Context on the Wilders Case

By Nina Shea October 17, 2010
The Corner, National Review Online

Geert Wilders is the latest in a lengthening roster of Europeans who have been criminally prosecuted for criticizing Islam. Under the slogans of stopping “Islamophobia” and banning “defamation” or “insult” of Islam, for two decades a concerted demand has been made for the West to enforce Islamic blasphemy rules, as is customary in certain member states of the Organization of the Islamic Conference.

The Netherlands has been among the many EU states struggling to comply. In the name of liberalism, it has enacted laws criminalizing “hate speech,” with grossly illiberal results. A sample of the Dutch cases shows that the desire to protect minorities is a self-deluding piety in these circumstances. What really lies at the root of these vaguely defined and arbitrarily adjudicated cases is fear of Muslim violence.

read more at National Review Online

— Nina Shea directs the Hudson Institute’s Center for Religious Freedom and co-authored the forthcoming book Silenced (Oxford University Press), on contemporary blasphemy rules.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Merkel erklärt „Multikulti“ für gescheitert

at DLT|10:
The social policies of multiculturalism have absolutely failed
Horst Seehofer, Minister-President of Bavaria:
We from the CSU stand for the German Leitkultur for Germany and we reject multiculturalism. Multiculturalism is dead.

This is a continuation of the debate started by the Sarrazin book:"Deutschland schafft sich ab" ("Germany is eliminating itself"), as well as the fact that in many schools children of German heritage are in a minority with many suffering racist bullying and attacks against them by children of Turkish background.

As a result of multiculturalism (Cultural Marxism) what we are seeing is genocide by multiculturalism, a genocide in slow motion - that is what was meant by "Deutschland schafft sich ab".

We were fools to think the fall of the Berlin Wall had killed off the far Left.

This is an older article discussing that the fall of the Berlin wall did not mean the end of communism. Instead it metamorphosed into "cultural Marxism" waged by the far-left.

from Daily Mail by MELANIE-PHILLIPS 11th November 2009

Twenty years ago today, supporters of freedom and human rights cheered and wept for joy as the Berlin Wall was torn down by jubilant young Germans.

To so many, that heady day seemed to herald the emergence of a better world. The spectre of communism had finally been laid to rest. Liberty had triumphed over tyranny.

The end of the Cold War even led some to proclaim that this was 'the end of history' - which was to say that liberal democracy was now the dominant and unchallengeable force in the world.
However, the 9/11 attacks on America tragically proved this to be absurdly over-optimistic. The eruption of radical Islamism revealed that, while the West may have been rid of one enemy in the Soviet Union, another deadly foe had risen to take its place. So much is, sadly, all too evident.

But what is perhaps less obvious is that communism did not just vanish in a puff of historical smoke. The Soviet Union was defeated and fell apart, for sure. But the communist ideology that fuelled it did not so much disintegrate as reconstitute itself into another, even more deadly form as the active enemy of western freedom.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Wilders Dutch hate speech case 'should be dropped'

Dutch prosecutors have recommended acquitting leading anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders on all five charges of hate speech.
They said his public comments had targeted Islam and not Muslims as a group and he had the right as a politician to comment on social issues.
The trial of Mr Wilders, who compared the Koran to Hitler's Mein Kampf, has gripped the Netherlands.
His party plays a key role in the country's new coalition government.

Great news, now lets hope the judges agree.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Not Immigration is the problem but Islam itself

an open letter to Christian Wulff, President of Germany, by Ralph Giordano
Welt Online

[partial translation attempted by me, apologies to Ralph Giordano for any misrepresentations]

"Without doubt Christianity belongs to Germany, without doubt Judaism belongs to Germany. They represent our Judeo-Christian past, however Islam now belongs to Germany"

This sentence from your speech of the 3rd of October commemorating the 20th anniversary of the reunification of Germany represent by its sweeping generalisation such a disturbing ignorance of the reality, and a premature harmonisation of systems that differ at their very core, that I am almost lost for words.

I won't be so bold as to want to give you a remedial history lessons, but here you are so clearly confusing an Islam that exists in reality with a projected, EU-conform desired Islam, that one has to lodge an objection. For, the political and militant Islam is not able to be integrated, and even the "general" Islam is sufficiently problematic in this respect.

To date Islam still owes an adequate answer to the question if it is consistent with the plurality of ideas, the equality of women, the separation of state and religion, in short, with democracy itself. The lack of answers casts a dark shadow over the 21st century, and Germany, with its failed integration policies, is not exempt.

The fact is that here two cultural systems are colliding that are not only different at their foundations but they are also at a very different stage of their development.
The fact is that here two cultural systems are colliding that are not only different at their foundations but they are also at a very different stage of development.

One, the Judeo-Christian system that, after dark periods in history, was able to achieve enormous leaps forward through the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, the casting off of feudalism, the springtime of peoples and its evolution to today's liberal model.
The other, the Islamic cultural sphere, after having had epochs of cultural high points that put the Occident world to shame, still, one can state quite generally, has not been able to go beyond a patriarchal-archaic stagnation: blind obedience, a reluctance to secularise, the lack of equality for woman, authoritarian parental control, and in the grip of unquestioning acceptance of religious authority and edicts.

Nicht die Zuwanderung, der Islam ist das Problem!

Not Immigration is the problem but Islam itself, an open letter to Christian Wulff, President of Germany, by Ralph Giordano
Welt Online

„Das Christentum gehört zweifelsfrei zu Deutschland, das Judentum gehört zweifelsfrei zu Deutschland, das ist unsere christlich-jüdische Geschichte, aber der Islam gehört inzwischen auch zu Deutschland“.

Dieser Satz in Ihrer Rede vom 3. Oktober anlässlich des 20. Gedenktags der Wiedervereinigung offenbart in seiner Pauschalität eine so verstörende Unkenntnis der Wirklichkeit und verfrühte Harmonisierung grundverschieder Systeme, dass es einem die Sprache verschlagen will.

Ich maße mir nicht an, Ihnen Nachhilfeunterricht in Geschichte erteilen zu wollen, aber hier wird eine blauäugige Gleichsetzung des realexistierenden Islam mit einem EU-konformen Wunsch-Islam so sichtbar, dass energischer Widerspruch eingelegt werden muss. Denn der politische und militante Islam ist nicht integrierbar, aber auch der „allgemeine“ jenseits davon ist noch problematisch genug.

Ist er doch bisher auf die Frage, ob er vereinbar sei mit Meinungsvielfalt, Gleichstellung der Frau, Pluralismus, Trennung von Staat und Religion, kurz, mit Demokratie, jede überzeugende Anwort schuldig geblieben. Eine dunkle Wolke, die am Himmel des 21. Jahrhunderts schwebt, und von der auch die Bundesrepublik Deutschland durch eine total verfehlte Immigrationspolitik unmittelbar berührt wird.

Find Wilders not guilty of insulting groups, prosecutors tell court

Anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders should be found not guilty of insulting Muslims and non-western immigrants as a group, the public prosecution department said at the MP's trial on Tuesday.

By likening the Koran to Hitler's Mein Kampf, Wilders was focusing on Islam and the Koran, rather than Muslims, even if the statement can be considered upsetting, the public prosecutors said during court hearings in Amsterdam.


Looks to me the prosecution might still not be convinced about this case.

Another news report from Reuters
...Dutch prosecutor seeks one Wilders' charge dropped
Comparing the Koran and Islam with Hitler's political manifesto Mein Kampf, and with national socialism, fascism and communism could indeed hurt feelings, they said, but offending sensibilities was not a criminal offence.

The prosecutors originally did not want to charge Wilders at all, saying he was protected by the right to free speech, but a court overruled their arguments and ordered him charged....

Monday, October 11, 2010

An essay of the tyranny of the orthodoxy of politcial corrrectness

Die neuen Jakobiner
by Norbert Bolz.
FOCUS Magazin | Nr. 37 (2010)

Der Gesinnungsterror der politisch Korrekten ist eine Feind-Erklärung: Er stellt jeden liberal Denkenden in seiner Existenz in Frage.
Für einen guten Europäer gibt es nichts Wertvolleres als die Meinungsfreiheit. Das Recht auf Meinungsfreiheit und Redefreiheit stellt aber gerade die abweichende Meinung, den Dissens, ins Zentrum der Freiheitsidee. Von dieser Einsicht ist die Elite der Berliner Republik unendlich weit entfernt. Abweichende Meinungen werden heute schärfer sanktioniert als abweichendes Verhalten. Diese Sanktionen laufen zumeist nicht über Diskussionen, sondern über Ausschluss.

Nun könnte man denken, dass ja immerhin noch die Gedanken frei sind. Aber es ist ein Irrtum zu glauben, dass derjenige, dem man das Sprechen und Schreiben beschneidet, noch frei denken könne. Es gibt keine Freiheit des Denkens ohne die Möglichkeit einer öffentlichen Mitteilung des Gedachten. Und das gilt nicht nur für die wenigen Schreiber, sondern gerade auch für die vielen Leser. Gedankenfreiheit bedeutet für die meisten Menschen nämlich nur die Möglichkeit, zwischen einigen wenigen Ansichten zu wählen, die von einer kleinen Minderheit öffentlich Redender und Schreibender verbreitet worden sind. Deshalb zerstört das Zum-Schweigen-Bringen abweichender Meinungen die Gedankenfreiheit selbst.

Inherit the guilt but nothing else

A socialist and left-of-socialist political ideology as been allowed to dominate the political discourse in Europe so completely that the free expression of dissenting ideas is being increasingly and systematically quashed with methods akin of fascist states and feudal societies of middle ages: the political trial.

The construct resulting from this unchecked and unchallenged dominance has now created such a set of absurdities that the mainstream is beginning to awaken from their self-absorbed stupor and is starting to revolt against the indoctrination. Revolt, even with their straight jackets of debilitating taxes, and bloated, self-serving bureaucracy. The realisation is being made that the baby boomer generation have, in the most egotistical and decadent manner, not only created a huge financial burden for their children and children's children to pay off, but they have also sold their ancestors homeland and the cultural identity to a foreign, totalitarian influence. They are even so arrogant to proclaim that they have proven the unprovable that God does not exist - the God delusion indeed.

They have spent everything. They have brought us to the the edge an anti-liberties and hostile-demographic tipping point that may not be able to be averted and so will be irreversible by their barely tolerated following generations. "Inherit the guilt but nothing else" is today's absurd mantra. Mallorca here we come and damn all of you (Europeans will understand this reference).
I hope that this failed generation will right at least in part some of these mistakes while they are still politically active by working with the generation of Geert Wilders instead of vilifying it. Sarrazin is one of these "repenters", many more are needed.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Progressive Feudalism

Very interesting article at American Thinker by Thomas Lifson.

Progressive Feudalism

It illustrates that the left-wing Zeitgeist that dominates centre-left and centre-right political parties is pushing us to a new feudalism where individual freedoms have been progressively legislated away. With it, a new state-sanctioned racism underpins policy which is that peoples with historic western guilt have diminished rights to assert their identity and must pay reparations by giving up their identity and culture.
A complaint of the "guilt-free" people are valid and actioned, complaints or criticism by members the guilty peoples are derided as bigotry, racisms, or right-wing extremism (term chosen depending on the day of the MSM editorial).

EDITORIAL: Acquit Geert Wilders

Western countries need to defend Western civilization
source washingtontimes Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dutch member of Parliament Geert Wilders is on trial in the Netherlands for "incitement to hatred and discrimination." His crime was daring to criticize Islam.

Mr. Wilders is the head of the Party for Freedom, the third-largest political party in the Netherlands and part of a new Dutch coalition government. The party platform is blatantly nationalistic, seeking immigration controls and other restrictions on the Netherlands' non-native population, particularly the country's 850,000 Muslims who hail largely from Turkey and Morocco. "We have to stop the tsunami of Islamization," says Mr. Wilders. "It is affecting our heart, our identity, our culture."

The brutal excesses of the 20th century made nationalism a bad word. The Netherlands suffered acutely under the Nazi yoke during World War II, and as a result, postwar Dutch society was cosmopolitan and tolerant to a fault. The laws under which Mr. Wilders is being prosecuted are a reflection of this mindset.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Hitchens vs. Ramadan

Christopher Hitchens argument that all religions are equidistant from peace and tolerance is making it easy for himself and is a bit lazy on his part I would say.
A religion is an ideology and world view. At the core of any ideology is a big idea that is believed to be true and self evident. For religions it is the belief in the idea of God, in spirituality, in the possibility that thought can comprehend aspects of this world that are beyond the falsifiability of the scientific method. This big idea is not inherently evil. What leads to evil is to motivate humans, believers, to take away the rights of others to not believe in that idea. This is where the Koran and the accompanying Islamic texts stand alone amongst religions as having the most aggressive teachings for removing and limiting the rights of non-believers.

Socialism and communism also have a big idea as their foundation. This big idea has lead to as much misery as religions. Communism built a wall around its captives to force them to live their big idea and has 100 million deaths to its name.
So the distinction Hitchens makes between religions and other ideologies is really not based on reason but preference.

Islamic flag over the White House

Islamic flag over the White House

Radical Muslims want America ruled by Shariah

Islamists say the Koran is destined to rule America. In fact, the Muslim takeover of the White House is not just an unfolding action plan but a directive from Muhammad himself.

In an interview Sunday on ABC's "This Week," British radical Muslim activist Anjem Choudary made clear what he and his Islamist brothers have planned for the West. "We do believe, as Muslims, the East and the West will one day be governed by the Shariah," he said. "Indeed, we believe that one day, the flag of Islam will fly over the White House." He then quoted a hadith, or saying of Muhammad, as related by 10th-century Muslim scholar Al-Tabarani, that "the final hour will not come until Muslims conquer the White House." Another version of the saying goes, "A small portion of Muslims will rise and conquer the White House."
The OIC is currently campaigning to have so-called "Islamophobia" recognized by the international community as a form of racism prosecutable under international law.

Muslims leader are executing conquest of the West and the delusional Left is saying opposition of Islam (denigrated as Islamophobia) is not a valid response. Why, because both the Left and Islamist have the same aim, the destruction of Western democracies.

Geert Wilders’ great speech in Berlin

Geert Wilders Berlin Oct 2 English titles from Vlad Tepes on Vimeo.

[in original German]

Dear Friends,

I am very happy to be here in Berlin today. As you know, the invitation which my friend René Stadtkewitz extended to me, has cost him his membership of the CDU group in the Berlin Parliament. René, however, did not give in to the pressure. He did not betray his convictions. His dismissal prompted René to start a new political party. I wish him all the best. As you may have heard, the past weeks were extremely busy for me. Earlier this week we succeeded in forging a minority government of the Liberals and the Christian-Democrats which will be supported by my party. This is an historic event for the Netherlands. I am very proud of having helped to achieve this. At this very moment the Christian-Democrat Party conference is deciding whether or not to approves this coalition. If they do, we will be able to rebuild our country, preserve our national identity and offer our children a better future.

eco-fascists at work

This video is extremely disturbing in the message it delivers which is, if you do not join us we will murder you. Now the 10:10 group psychopaths say that some people find this funny, I suggest these people seek therapy without delay.

warning - this video is graphic

This group lacks all sense of judgement and should be disbanded.

Großdemo gegen radikalislamische Koranschule in Mönchengladbach-Eicken

Samstag, 9. Oktober, ab 11.00 Uhr über die Eickener Straße zum Eickener Markt

Die Demonstration mit Markus Beisicht (Pro-Bewegung) und Dr. Rolf Schlierer (REP) als Hauptrednern wird in Absprache mit der Polizei quer durch den Stadtteil direkt am Hauptquartier der salafistischen Steinzeit-Islamisten vorbei bis zum Eickener Markt gehen, wo eine große Abschlusskundgebung stattfinden wird. Alle Anwohner und Mönchengladbacher Bürger sind herzlich eingeladen, sich an der Demo zu beteiligen!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Oppression by Political Correctness

Not just in Holland but in the Western world our freedoms to criticise are being systematically and selectively taken away. This process is sometimes euphemistically described as political correctness as if it was some sort of polite form of discourse that we are moving towards and cultivating.

The problem is that political correctness is really selective censorship driven by a world view that western culture is so guilt ridden that it has no right to criticise a non-western ideology or culture no matter how grotesque or deserving of criticisms it is.

This regime of censorship is justified under false pretences, as the fight against racism, bigots and neo-Nazis. But this justification is really used to eliminate a different point of view without wanting to engage in a debate. It is sufficient to offend someone with a non-mainstream point of view to be labelled a right-wing extremist.

Geert Wilders is on trial for criticising Islam and therefore offending some Muslims who have complained. That this criticism of Islam is perfectly valid given the violent nature of the written and practiced Islam is deemed not relevant under this fascism of political correctness. The truth is that because Geert Wilders is leading a political party that is challenging the mainstream Christian Democratic in Holland, it is not sufficient to smear someone as a populist, right-wing extremist; no, Geert Wilders must be eliminated by prosecuting him for this criticism that many are too scared to make; he must be eliminated by politicising the judicial process to do the dirt work of a political disagreement. That this decision was a politically motivated and orchestrated is beyond doubt (see).

If Geert Wilders is successfully prosecuted and his appeal rejected, then our freedom to speak against what is wrong has been taken away, a freedom that is desperately needed today. Only the speech that is conforming with the prevailing political thought is allowed. This is how the process worked in former East Germany (GDR) only they used a different euphemism then.

Fight for free speech, stand with Geert Wilders.

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Sunday, September 05, 2010

Deutschland schafft sich ab

When Thilo Sarrazin published a book pointing out that Germany is driving itself into extinction or oblivion the Left's response is: tell somebody who cares: Am deutschen Verwesen soll die Welt genesen.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Fort he last 50 years the Left has told lies and anyone challenging them is a heretic. The earth is flat and if you challenge this you will be persecuted.

But people are slowly awaking for the mental enslavement. They now something is not right but they don't know how to thing - running around like ants that had their nest disturbed.

There are 50 lies in the last 50 years but here are two:

1) We need immigration to save us from the problem of an ageing population.

2) Immigration solved the world injustices.

The family hostile policies of the Left lead to the ageing population problem. And now that the problem conveniently exists the Left uses it to push their other Lies.

Immigration, far from solving injustices, exasperates them.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Islam is an ideology of hatred that has the killing and subjugation of Christians and Jews as written doctrine.

Islam is not a religion but a political ideology with supremacist aspirations like National Socialism.

Immigration of Muslims to Europe should be stopped. Islam should not be accommodated as a religion in Europe in any way.

I do believe that people have a right to believe whatever they want to but they do not have the right to practice whatever they want to. Islam should be tolerated as a personal belief-system but denounced as the ideology of hatred that it is.

Islamic organisations should be banned and the funding of Islamic organisation made illegal. In short whatever applies to neo-Nazi organisations should apply to Islamic organisations.

Geert Wilders: International Freedom Alliance

Geert Wilders is developing a third way leaving behind the Left-Right political dichotomy that is dragging us into the abyss.
I see Wilders' political thought very closely aligned with that of mine, and so I hope a gets the International Freedom Alliance off the ground as soon as possible.

Failed Integration in Germany

Our politicians have sacrificed the future of our children and children's children on the altar of the left-wing utopia that is multiculturalism.

I totally agree with Sarrazin that integration of Islamic immigrants has failed and will continue to fail. Unfortunately Sarrazin derailed the debate with his comments on genetics. There is no need to bring in the influence of genes - if there is an influence it is massively swamped by cultural influences followed by socio-economic influences. As such a debate around genes is counter-productive. I suspect Sarrazin regrets ever having made those comments. The Left will hound him forever more for them and use them to discredit his important comments on failed integration and multiculturalism in Germany.

Monday, August 02, 2010