Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Oppression by Political Correctness

Not just in Holland but in the Western world our freedoms to criticise are being systematically and selectively taken away. This process is sometimes euphemistically described as political correctness as if it was some sort of polite form of discourse that we are moving towards and cultivating.

The problem is that political correctness is really selective censorship driven by a world view that western culture is so guilt ridden that it has no right to criticise a non-western ideology or culture no matter how grotesque or deserving of criticisms it is.

This regime of censorship is justified under false pretences, as the fight against racism, bigots and neo-Nazis. But this justification is really used to eliminate a different point of view without wanting to engage in a debate. It is sufficient to offend someone with a non-mainstream point of view to be labelled a right-wing extremist.

Geert Wilders is on trial for criticising Islam and therefore offending some Muslims who have complained. That this criticism of Islam is perfectly valid given the violent nature of the written and practiced Islam is deemed not relevant under this fascism of political correctness. The truth is that because Geert Wilders is leading a political party that is challenging the mainstream Christian Democratic in Holland, it is not sufficient to smear someone as a populist, right-wing extremist; no, Geert Wilders must be eliminated by prosecuting him for this criticism that many are too scared to make; he must be eliminated by politicising the judicial process to do the dirt work of a political disagreement. That this decision was a politically motivated and orchestrated is beyond doubt (see).

If Geert Wilders is successfully prosecuted and his appeal rejected, then our freedom to speak against what is wrong has been taken away, a freedom that is desperately needed today. Only the speech that is conforming with the prevailing political thought is allowed. This is how the process worked in former East Germany (GDR) only they used a different euphemism then.

Fight for free speech, stand with Geert Wilders.

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