Monday, October 11, 2010

Inherit the guilt but nothing else

A socialist and left-of-socialist political ideology as been allowed to dominate the political discourse in Europe so completely that the free expression of dissenting ideas is being increasingly and systematically quashed with methods akin of fascist states and feudal societies of middle ages: the political trial.

The construct resulting from this unchecked and unchallenged dominance has now created such a set of absurdities that the mainstream is beginning to awaken from their self-absorbed stupor and is starting to revolt against the indoctrination. Revolt, even with their straight jackets of debilitating taxes, and bloated, self-serving bureaucracy. The realisation is being made that the baby boomer generation have, in the most egotistical and decadent manner, not only created a huge financial burden for their children and children's children to pay off, but they have also sold their ancestors homeland and the cultural identity to a foreign, totalitarian influence. They are even so arrogant to proclaim that they have proven the unprovable that God does not exist - the God delusion indeed.

They have spent everything. They have brought us to the the edge an anti-liberties and hostile-demographic tipping point that may not be able to be averted and so will be irreversible by their barely tolerated following generations. "Inherit the guilt but nothing else" is today's absurd mantra. Mallorca here we come and damn all of you (Europeans will understand this reference).
I hope that this failed generation will right at least in part some of these mistakes while they are still politically active by working with the generation of Geert Wilders instead of vilifying it. Sarrazin is one of these "repenters", many more are needed.

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