Friday, November 19, 2010

Critical of populist piece in American Thinker blog

I am a regular reader of the conservative blog, American Thinker (AT). But yesterday I read a contribution on the increased security for air travel that concerned me.
The piece criticise security measures as "un-American" but offered no "American" solutions that would address the security problem.

The TSA restricts. It dehumanizes. It depresses. It invades. It costs. It fails in its stated mission as it creates jobs for the unemployable. It is government on display for all to see. It is what our health care will become if we keep silent.

It's un-American. And it's not America. Not yet. But if we cannot defeat ObamaCare and the TSA's "grope and change," we won't recognize America in the near future. This is why it is such a defining and critical issue.

I think that this kind of populist criticism is lazy and opportunistic and is better categorized as propaganda.

Why Air Security is the Issue

Interestingly AT block my comment pointing this out. So much for standing for freedom of speech.

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