Friday, January 14, 2011

You are a Hater - end of discussion

The term "hate" has become an ideological signature term of the left.
An ideological terms has lost all its conventional meaning and must, instead be understood in terms of a device, or weapon to attack and put down their ideological opponents. I will capitalise the term to indicate the left-wing meaning.
A left-wing ideolog will point the finger and say - this one is a Hater and this signal to the horde standing behind the accuser. They nod approvingly, with pitch fork in hand, and implicitly understanding what the next steps of the left-wing fascists machinery must be brought to bear against the accused.
It is the modern form of the accusation - "she is a Witch" - ahh, yes, now we know what to do .
This connection should hardly be surprising, since the secular left-wing ideology is highly religious in its operation - there are tenants that are beyond reason (beliefs) and reason is no defence. So, Geert and Elizabeth, just confess to the crimes against the ideology and the inquisition will show mercy.
A left-wing ideolog is not capable of Hate. They have only Pity when they take you down. Hate is really some metal defect of the Right. Haven't we recently seen great examples of this reflex 'reasoning' of left-wing political stooges.

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