Saturday, January 14, 2012

The one-two punches

The middle class has been commandeered to support a bloated bureaucratic apparatus. An apparatus that has successfully decoupled itself from the voice of that middle class. The middle class has become enslaved and is milked by ever finely tuned taxes, fees, charges and penalties (in truth more taxes).
The cohesion of the family unit has been under assault which in turn has been a key factor in the reduction in the birth rate. Moving on from that kill the Left then shifts to the spread of the propaganda that "your welfare state is not sustainable by the birth rate, you will need mass immigration" to solve this. To ensure that mass immigration, the key weapon of mass destruction, the Left pushes the propaganda of "the sin to be redeemed" via asylum laws and refugee conventions.
The one-two punch links can also be seen with education and the degradation of apprenticeship systems. Students are being pushed to University education in preference to trade education. The propaganda is that everyone should be able to go the University, capable or not. Universities are now focused on mass education and delivering propaganda programs. The shift has meant that many trade institutions had to become Universities and others have disappeared altogether. The manufacturing industry has suffered under the strained of the resulting scarcity of qualified labour. This has accelerated the decline of manufacturing but not caused it. The cause decline is another piece propaganda: globalisation. So here comes the two punch: give the problem, what is the solution? Guess what: immigration, immigration of 'skilled labour'.
Globalisation, the propaganda fiction of a flat world and level playing field, is clearly just that fiction. The largest manufacturing economy 1), China is not a level playing field and the Yuan is carefully managed by a elites of the Chinese communist party. Kyoto is a prime example of a mechanism to destroy wealth in the hated economies under the propaganda that it would save the planet. But knowing full well that this was a lie since a system excluding China and India would have no impact on absolute emission - in fact just the opposite.
All these issues are linked in accelerating the destruction or enforcing mantras by creating self-fulfilling prophecies.


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